Home Sweet Castle: A Pastel-Colored QUADRO Adventure

When the nine packages from QUADRO arrived at Michael's doorstep, he and his two daughters could barely contain their excitement.

"What have we gotten ourselves into?" Michael wondered, sizing up his most ambitious project yet. Just the task of transporting the boxes to the right spot in the backyard was a challenge. As the packages were unpacked, the three were left pondering, "Where do we even begin?"

They had never seen so much QUADRO in one place.

But the thrill of creation soon triumphed; they dove right in. Despite the backyard not being entirely level, Michael, a trained carpenter, dared to dream. He and his daughters spent several weeks building their castle, tweaking it bit by bit. An army of screws waited to be secured. Michael started counting: one hundred, two hundred… eventually, he lost count. The task was daunting but not insurmountable.

The children chipped in too, although they couldn't assist with fastening the plate screws — that required a bit more strength, particularly when the structure was slightly off-balance and parts had to be held in place during fastening.

A highlight of the construction was the drawbridge, inspired by ancient knight castles and representing the most challenging part of the project. The ingenious design allowed the children to hoist the drawbridge at the sight of an approaching enemy — say, an adult reminding them to do their homework. 😊

The design was slightly adjusted along the way. Michael's original idea of an arched bridge was replaced with a straight, angular design. This was to accommodate the ropes needed to lift the drawbridge. Despite the challenge, the girls managed to hoist the bridge successfully.

Once the gate was secured, the youngest girl observed, "It's kind of dark in here."

Her older sister concurred.

"Well, let's add some windows. We don't want it to feel like a dungeon," Michael said, getting to work. He knew that the towering walls might seem intimidating to his little princesses.

Now, his daughters can peek outside, keeping an eye out for approaching friends eager to storm the castle or curious neighbors longing for a guided tour. The castle has become the talk of the town, its berry-colored turrets visible from afar. The family expects to welcome many a curious visitor soon.

Admission fee? Perhaps a cookie or two to appease the resident damsels. The girls are enamored with their pastel-colored castle, pleasantly surprised by the color scheme. Until now, they were familiar with QUADRO in primary shades of red, green, blue, and yellow. The pastel colors were a refreshing change!

But to balance out the pastel overload, Michael added something to satisfy his inner child: a Dark Grey goal wall.

Surprisingly, this has become the most popular feature, with both girls and local boys (and Michael, of course) playing frequently.

Just like in soccer, "The round must go into the square". Yet, hitting the target isn't as easy as it seems. During filming, they had quite a few unsuccessful attempts. The winning goal was only scored once the camera was turned off. Now, Michael's competitive spirit has been ignited.

Despite the robust play, the goal wall stands sturdy, thanks to Michael's carpentry skills. He reinforced it with slopes and broomsticks (see the article Breaking Away from the Average), ensuring it can withstand the most enthusiastic kicks without tipping or bending. This sturdy structure allows for high-impact play while maintaining its integrity.

What's next on Michael's project list? He's planning a raft for cooling off on hot summer days. If you can't wait that long, check out Michael's other creations and draw inspiration for your own projects in Breaking Away from the Average and Carpe Diem - Seize the Day with QUADRO. We promise to keep you updated on the raft's progress.

Do you also have brilliant ideas you'd like to bring to life or have already executed? Write us an email at [email protected]. If your ideas pique our interest, we'll gladly support you with free materials or a discount.

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