Carpe Diem - Seize the Day with QUADRO

As any Northern German can attest, snowfall is a rarity. Michael, like the rest of us, knows this all too well. So, when those long-anticipated white flakes finally began to drift down from the sky, he knew he had to seize the moment.

On his lunch break, he pulled out the QUADRO sled he had recently assembled for his two daughters. It was time for some fun. There was just one hiccup:

The sled refused to move.

A design flaw had snuck its way into the model. In an attempt to accommodate all his daughters' friends, Michael had aimed for a bigger and wider sled, focusing on stability to prevent tipping over. As part of this, Michael installed cross braces. Unfortunately, these became the problem. While the rest of the tubes, which made contact with the ground, allowed for momentum, the crosswise braces turned into snowplows, gathering a huge mound of snow that brought the sled to a halt after a few meters.

With only 55 minutes left on his break, what was Michael to do?

He had no choice but to reposition the cross braces higher up. That was easier said than done, considering it meant undoing all the screws on the sled. Time was ticking, the snow wasn't going to last forever, and the eager children wanted to ride. Michael had to think fast. As he contemplated reassembling the sled, he realized he was short on parts. What a predicament!

Without wasting any more time, Michael and his young daughter rushed to their QUADRO vehicle and the trailer, both of which he had built recently. Seeing him dismantle parts from the structure, his daughter watched him with wide, anxious eyes.

"Don't worry, we'll put them back," he assured her hastily. "I need the parts."

With a burst of energy, he set about redesigning the sled.

That's when his older daughter came up with a bold idea. Why not be pulled by the car? It's faster than going downhill, she argued. Living in a quiet, rural area allowed for such adventures. Plus, Michael, ever the kid at heart, was always up for fun.

And so began their sled ride. Starting slow, they gradually picked up speed. At the excited calls of "Faster!" from his daughters, Michael hit the gas. What a blast!

By the weekend, the snow had disappeared, and they were glad they'd seized the day. They vowed to take full advantage of any future snowfalls, this time with all their friends.

As for the initial design flaw? While Michael may have been initially frustrated, we're glad it happened. It led to this delightful story. We also believe that sometimes, creative people stumble before they soar.

In this spirit, we eagerly anticipate Michael's next hiccup - and even more so, his next success. We'll be sure to share any updates. In the meantime, feel free to peruse our article on creativity, Two Plus Three is Purple, and get inspired. Remember: there's no innovation without a bit of failure!

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Disclaimer: We do not recommend attaching a sled to a car. Fathers who choose to do so are assuming all risks. Consultation with the mother is highly advised.

Note: QUADRO individual parts used as sled runners will show visible scratches and other signs of wear after use.

Got some out-of-the-box ideas that you'd like to bring to life with QUADRO? Send us an email at [email protected]. If we love your idea, we'd be more than happy to assist you with free materials or a discount.

We can't wait to hear from you!


*Carpe diem: Latin for "seize the day."


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Alexandra Apfelbeck (not verified)

1 year 2 months ago

Guten Tag,
Ich würde gerne ein Klettergerüst (Tunnel) vgl. Pyramide quer über den Pool bauen mit der Möglichkeit von dort in den Pool zu rutschen.
Selbstverständlich würde ich mich freuen, wenn es hierfür kostenloses Material oder einen Rabatt gibt.
Ich freue mich auf Rückmeldung, ob auch Ihnen meine Idee gefällt.
Freundliche Grüße
Alexandra Apfelbeck

Hallo Alexandra, das hört sich interessant an. Magst du uns bitte hierzu eine E-Mail an [email protected] schreiben? Danke und viele Grüße aus der QUADRO Redaktion