Unleashing Everyday Creativity with QUADRO

Sandra's home is a hive of activity. She's revamping her terrace, a simple project, except she has two energetic dogs that love to sprint around. Usually, they are leashed outdoors, but they crave freedom. Unfortunately, running equates to work - eight muddy paws continuously scampering across the fresh terrace and into the house, leaving a trail of mess. Sandra, worn out by the endless cleaning, had a lightbulb moment.

"What's going on here?" her husband, Bernd, queried as he arrived home from work.

"I'm constructing a barrier. I can't keep cleaning non-stop."

"Great idea! Let me lend a hand."

And just like that, the first QUADRO dog barrier was born. Sandra's everyday creativity led her to repurpose their toddler, Felix's, climbing toy into a practical solution.

But this was just the catalyst for even more innovation.

"Why don't we create something for the puppies too?" Bernd suggested.

Dexter, their Saarloos wolfhound and proud father, had recently sired a litter of puppies as a stud dog with the German Kennel Club. Countless curious puppies were eager to explore the world, and the couple wanted to prepare them as best they could.

Using the QUADRO computer program, Bernd designed a play rack. He hung various objects the pups might encounter on their future walks: old rattling tin cans (safely de-sharpened), chains, bottles filled with stones, hedgehog balls, and flutter tape.

Many dog owners will understand: walking your dog and encountering flutter tape can send your pet into a panic, causing them to veer away or refuse to pass it. The same happens with balloons at birthday parties or chains clanging against flagpoles. Thus, early exposure to various noises is beneficial for the puppies.

The tiny Saarloos wolfhounds were initially puzzled by the QUADRO structure. However, their curiosity soon took over, and playtime began. They tugged at the flutter tape, causing the light scaffolding to move and cans to rattle—a delightful chaos!

Sandra also finds joy with her adult dogs. They've become unintentional celebrities, with everyone wanting a photo with them. Initially, it was Finja, her first dog, who was photographed. She was later joined by models who felt the wolfhound added an edge to their photoshoot themes or designer outfits. Sandra accompanied Finja to these shoots—an odd scenario for this breed, known for its reserved nature and dislike of unfamiliar touches.

Over time, Finja grew more typical of her breed, becoming uncomfortable around strangers. Sandra respected this change, recognizing that they'd been doing the shoots just for fun. When Dexter, the male dog, joined the family, they continued—he loves meeting new people, embodying the lab motto, "Hi, here I am, cuddle me!"

Sandra takes Dexter to photoshoots in fields, meadows, castles, and palaces, each time exploring new themes. She collaborates with models and photographers to create unique pictures featuring the magnificent wolfhound—except for Little Red Riding Hood, a theme she's grown weary of.

However, the Little Red Riding Hood fairytale still thrills little Felix at bedtime.

Sandra was delighted to discover QUADRO for Felix. She had originally decided against a wooden frame due to its high maintenance, but QUADRO is a breeze to clean—just rinse it off or use a pressure washer. She's excited about all the possibilities it offers.

We're eager to see what creative QUADRO ideas Sandra, Bernd, and Felix will come up with next!

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