From our Photo Album: QUADRO never Rusts

Children playing on an old QUADRO vehicle
Advertising from the 1980s. The model mentioned in this story was produced at that time.

Back then, there were three children in the family. Christina was the youngest. When their father brought a brand-new QUADRO construction kit home one day, all three just jumped for joy. And all of the other neighborhood children were delighted too because the family used their QUADRO elements not only to construct a small house and a tower with a slide and pool in their yard – later they also built vehicles with real tires. Three children sat in the car – which actually moved! – and the rest pushed them around the neighborhood.

“Even when you were really little you sat way on top of the QUADRO,” said Grandma, smiling.

A girl on top of an old QUADRO jungle gym
A normal activity for us, but a special moment for children: climbing way to the top!

At some point the children got too old for their QUADRO and forgot all about it. But it was still there: neatly packed away in the basement because their father didn’t like to throw anything away. So the QUADRO survived...

Eventually it occurred to Christina that it was still there – and she rediscovered her old QUADRO. It looked as though it had just been put away yesterday. She and her husband put the QUADRO kit in the yard and were so happy that their children could also enjoy it. And just like it always is... soon the jungle gym was joined by new elements and a play area was established in the basement.

And what about the neighbor children? Of course, they’re still curious today and are happy to be invited over to play.

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