A Dream in Mint

The unveiling of Daniela and her son's new QUADRO playhouse was nothing short of a whirlwind. As many as eight children from the neighborhood enthusiastically tested the newly constructed playhouse. The design easily accommodated all: some children delighted in preparing imaginary dishes in the mud kitchen, while their guests eagerly anticipated their feast at the table. Some found joy in the sandbox, while others ascended the stairs to the attic, hauling up building materials for their industrious helpers below. One child disappeared into the tunnel, reemerging later on the slide, while a daring little one explored the suspension bridge.

The unique jungle gym quickly became a neighborhood sensation, with older children even contributing to its assembly. It's a distinct feature in the otherwise uniform new development. The other families might have wooden houses in their gardens, but none could offer such a customized and versatile play area. The QUADRO playhouse promotes creativity and invariably results in playful adventures. For maximizing the potential of a small space, QUADRO is unbeatable.

"My little one would lose interest after a season with a static structure," remarked Daniela.

The "giant jungle gym", as her son fondly refers to it, has indeed experienced many transformations. It started small, a Christmas gift in the form of a construction kit, was built and rebuilt following templates from the model database. Initially, Daniela built the structure herself, incrementally adding more elements from different kits. However, she soon realized that her creative visions were consistently limited by missing parts. That's when she decided to adopt a more professional approach and transitioned to the QUADRO computer program.

The result? A dream in QUADRO Mint.

The striking design, coupled with its size – affectionately dubbed the "behemoth" by Daniela – necessitated a move outdoors. Now, the family can enjoy more space in their living room, the neighborhood children have a new attraction, and the area in front of the house is optimally utilized.

The suspension bridge, a popular feature, was an idea inspired by the QUADRO community. The mud kitchen concept also originated from the community.

"The community is a treasure trove of ideas," shares Daniela. "It's fascinating to see the innovative designs others come up with."

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The children are undeniably thrilled. Daniela's recent toy store haul of additional play food has led to an increase in kitchen role-playing games, with the children pretending to run a restaurant. The pretend patrons patiently wait for their meals, allowing the cook ample time to ensure taste satisfaction!

Sometimes, Daniela's son takes a break from the excitement, retreating to the cozy sitting area for some quiet time with cookies.

We wish them many more joyous adventures with this mint-colored dream structure, which has instantly captured our hearts.

Do you have unique ideas that you would like to bring to life with QUADRO? Please send us an email at [email protected]. If your ideas resonate with us, we'll be glad to support you with free materials or a discount."





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