QUADRO – Our Made in Germany Quality Promise

By Andrea Kret, 14 March, 2022
QUADRO connectors on conveyor belt
Mass-produced QUADRO cross connector on electronically controlled conveyor belt

Did you know that QUADRO products are manufactured exclusively in Germany? We pride ourselves on that because to us “Made in Germany” not only stands for precise craftsmanship and excellent quality but also for keeping the following product promises:

  • No planned obsolescence (find out what that means here)
  • PLUG-IN-SYSTEM – set up or change setup as needed in only 3 steps
  • Expandable – grows along with your kids
  • Durable and robust – protected from UV rays, can be used in summer or winter and all year round
  • Free of harmful chemicals but also resistant to acids and bases (can handle being immersed in chlorinated water)
  • Easy peasy cleaning – household cleaners and plenty of water get the job done as often as needed.
  • Requires no regular sealing or painting.
  • Unlike many other wood products, your QUADRO won’t absorb environmental odors, or when you clean it, stain your beautiful carpet after outdoor use.
  • Excellent safety record
  • Six-year warranty
QUADRO pipes on conveyor belt
QUADRO standard pipes are made with different tools and moved to the assembly line on conveyor belts

This quality guarantee is built on the strength of over 40 years of experience with our products.

QUADRO tubes in injection molding machine
Injection molding machine producing standard QUADRO tubes

For your information: QUADRO is audited several times annually by independent audit firms. See all certificates and more detailed records here.

Gripper arm holding QUADRO tubes
Gripper arm transports QUADRO tubes onto conveyor belts

Did you know? Doris Rüther and her husband launched QUADRO in Germany more than 40 years ago. A real German engineering feat. Read more about the exciting history of QUADRO here.

QUADRO pipe screws manufacture
QUADRO pipe screws piling up in a plastic box


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6 months 2 weeks ago

I love this toy which we bought early 1980s for our children. it still goes back in the box after use and while a few components need replacing our universal set is now ready for another generation of inventors and climbers. Thank you quadro.